How to Watch World Cup 2018 live Streaming on TV or on the Internet

how to watch world cup 2018

The Fifa World Cup is a football competition that is competed in by the senior men’s teams of nations that belong to the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA). FIFA is the global governing body of football. The competition is held every four years and there are currently 32 teams that compete in the finals. The first competition was held in 1930 and it has been held every fours years ever since. The only exceptions to this were in 1942 and 1946 when the Second World War prevented the competition taking place. The tournament is due to take place in Russia in 2018 and will begin in June. The current world champion is Germany, who won the 2014 competition which took place in Brazil. Here you will find FIFA World Cup 2018 qualifying live TV streaming and Radio Listings, soccer matches today, results, stats, upcoming matches, best goals, injury reports, records, latest news, players, coaches, odds, prediction, how to bet, bet365, who will win today’s matchups and more you are looking for.

The first world cup took place in 1930. It was held in Uruguay. In this year 2018, the 20th FIFA world cup is going to be held. The tournaments shall be held in Russia and will be beamed to all the six continents.

The World Cup is considered to be the most popular sporting competition in the world. More people watch the World Cup than the Olympics and in the past the World Cup 2018 final has drawn in more than 715 million viewers. This equates to a ninth of the world’s population. There is no other competition in football that is prestigious as the World Cup and it is something that all countries want to be involved in.

Perhaps no other sporting activity is as loved and widely watched as the FIFA World Cup. According to FIFA, around 3.2 billion people watched the 2014 matches. This translates to 42.7% of the world’s population! It is an exhilarating event that takes around 30 days and draws participants from 32 nations from all the 6 inhabitable continents. The winners walk away with the prestigious world cup trophy along with some cash and honors.

Qualification for the Tournament

FIFA has six continental zones that are each operated by a different governing body or confederation. World Cup 2018 Qualification tournaments are held in each of these zones and these can begin anywhere from three years before the finals are due to take place. The host country automatically gets a place and does not have to qualify. This used to be the case for the current holder of the title as well but this has changed recently. Qualifying usually takes place over a two year period. FIFA decides how many places are awarded to each confederation which is based on the strength of the teams within that confederation. The qualification process varies greatly between each confederation in order to take into account the number of teams that are able to progress to the finals.

Format Of The Finals

When the 32 teams have qualified then they are organized into eight groups of four teams according to their seeding for the World Cup 2018 tournament. Within these groups, each team will play each other once. The results of these matches will be used to determine the table for the group. A team will be awarded three points for a win and one for a draw. No points are awarded for a loss. When all matches within the group have been played then the two teams at the top of the table will progress into the second round, also known as the round of sixteen. From this point it is a knockout competition with the games going to extra time and penalties if necessary to determine a winner. Eight teams go through into the quarterfinals and then four teams into the semifinals before the two winners compete in the final. There is also a match held between the losing semi-finalists to decide who finishes third in the competition.

Past Winners

In total only eight different countries have won the World Cup. Brazil are the current leaders having won the competition five times. They are the most successful World Cup team of all time to date as they are also the only country that has qualified for every tournament. Germany and Italy have both won the competition four times each. Argentina and Uruguay have won two tournaments and France, England and Spain have all won one tournament. Of these eight teams Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, France, and England have all won the tournament when they have been the hosts. When a team wins the World Cup they usually have a gold star added to the badge of their country.

Selection Of Hosts

The host of the World Cup is chosen by an exhaustive ballot system which FIFA council members take part in. Countries that are interested in holding the competition make a bid which should demonstrate that they have the facilities and infrastructure in place to be able to accommodate the tournament itself as well as all the fans that will travel in order to see the games. Members of FIFA will come and visit the countries that have bid and this gives them the chance to go through all the details of the bid face to face. When it is time to vote each member of the council will vote for the one country that they feel will make the best hosts. If no majority is found after this first vote then the country in the last place will be eliminated and all votes will be recast. This process will continue until a clear winner is established.


The original trophy was named the Jules Rimet trophy in honor of the FIFA president that cast the vote to allow the first World Cup to take place in 1930. The statue was made of solid gold and was given to Brazil after they won the competition for the third time in 1970. A new trophy was created after this which was simply named the FIFA World Cup Trophy. There is a plate on the bottom of the trophy where the name of every country that has won the competition since 1974 has been inscribed. The winning country no longer gets to keep the trophy in the four years between competitions. They are given a replica after the celebrations have taken place on the pitch but this replica can be kept indefinitely. Gold, silver and bronze medals are awarded to all players and coaching staff of the teams that finished in the top three places.

Expansion to 48 Teams

The expansion of the tournament to include more teams is something that has been talked about for many years. An official announcement was made in January 2017 that from the 2026 World Cup onwards 48 teams would be competing. It is expected that these additional places will be awarded to countries outside of Europe and South America who are currently underrepresented at the finals. When these changes come into effect the teams will be organized into sixteen groups of three and an extra round will be introduced into the competition. The top two teams from each group will progress into a knockout round of 32 and from this point the competition will continue in the same way that it does now.

There are various ways and means through which you may catch these games. These include premium television, free-to-air television, and online streaming. The online streaming option is, by all means, the superior method. They are cheaper, more flexible, and hardly unaffected by downtimes.

Being cognizant of this very fact, we have decided to step in and offer the necessary guidance on how to leverage this option. We have researched the various steps you will have to follow to view your favorite matches online. We have also look out for the various streaming channels through which you may look up to.

Fifa World Cup 2018 Opening Ceremony

The 2018 FIFA world cup opening ceremony shall take place on 13/14th June 2018. It shall be held in Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia. It shall feature performances from yet-to-be-revealed artistes, displays of the flags of the various participating nations, and a display of the trophy. Here, the draws of the various teams will be officially unveiled together with the exact times and venues where each match will be held. Shortly after the opening ceremony, the first match will be held thereafter.

World Cup 2018 Live Stream

To watch the world cup live online, you will have to follow these two steps or procedures. You will first and foremost have to determine which avenue to use. There are two main avenues through which you may stream the upcoming FIFA world cup 2018 matches. These are the free streaming sites and the premium streaming sites respectively. They are explained below:

The best way to watch world cup all games via fuboTV service that’s been focused on sports programming, has introduced a broader-focused and pricier package that offers more than 80 channels for $49.99 per month.

The new Fubo Extra tier, offered for $19.99 for the first month following a seven-day free trial, expands on the baseline package and features channels such as BabyTV, BBC World News, Cooking Channel, DIY Network, Game Show Network, INSP, Sony Movie Channel, Revolt, and Stadium, as well as People TV and music nets from XITE.

How to Watch World Cup 2018 live Stream on TV or on the Internet

The base package, now called Fubo and formerly called Fubo Premier, starts at $44.99 with a promo price of $19.99 for the first month after a 7-day free trial.

fubo Extra plan has a $35 bounty for every user who becomes a paid subscriber. Impact Radius Insertion Order update was sent earlier, to get a head start on the fubo Extra compensation plan, please log in to your account and approve the changes, if no action is taken, the new plan changes will automatically take effect on May 12.

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How to Watch World Cup 2018 live Stream Without Cable 2018 from any where.

Watch the 2018 World Cup Live streaming on TV or on the Internet, How to watch Fifa World Cup Online for free from USA. How can you watch World Cup 2018 online from anywhere?

If you are now Living in the US? Then there won’t be much of a problem with the 2018 World Cup streaming time zone since the championship is happening right here in New York. To watch World Cup them some popular cable tv broadcasters and Streaming Services are available. Here is the entire list for USA customers only.

In the US the official broadcaster for the World Cup 2018 is FOX Network. The 1 months Soccer World Cup event will be broadcasted live on the Fox and Fox Sports 1 (FS1). Already Subscribed to Fox then you can watch directly on your TV or by using FOX Live TV from their Offical website.

Using VPN to Watch World Cup 2018 free

If you are want to watch soccer World Cup located in any part of the world, you can actually change the location. Now the questions is might wonder how it happens? The system of the process is way simple Virtual Private Network so-called VPN’s change your IP Address to an IP Address of your desired country. Some trouble our users faced is select the Top VPN Service that actually works.

  1. From Premium Streaming Sites for FIFA World Cup 2018

Premium streaming sites are those that charge clients for using their sites to watch these matches. They include Netflix. Before you even contemplate taking the first step, you will have to identify precisely which site to use and also examine the various bouquets or packages they have on offer. You will follow this with drafting a suitable budget against which you will operate on.

Step I: Obtain the Relevant Piece of Equipment

Now start by obtaining the relevant piece of equipment. Examples of the common pieces of equipment which may come in handy at such times include the laptops, tablets, desktops, 4G cell phones, smart televisions, and even smartphones! The choice of equipment largely depends on your financial resource endowment and whether or not it is supported by your streaming company of choice.

Step II: Choose the Right Bouquet or Package

These companies have bouquets or packages through which they channel their services. Each bouquet has a corresponding data plan, costs, and special privileges attached to them. Find the exact bouquet that uniquely suits your lifestyles, tastes, preferences, and of course, budget!

Step III: Obtain the Necessary Authentication and Access Keys

These premium streaming sites will usually grant their subscribers authentication and access keys. These could take the forms of personal identification numbers (PINs), special passwords, sharing codes, and so on. You should first and foremost identify the one which is provided for by your company of choice. Proceed thereafter to acquire the one that is most relevant to your device and liking.

Step IV: Enroll in a Suitable Data Plan

Now you have to enroll in a suitable data plan. In most instances, the streaming company is not always the same company that sells data to you. If this is the case, you have to enroll in a suitable data plan. Find the cheapest and most reliable data company in your area.

Examine their costs, data plan options, and other terms of references that may impact how you utilize their services. Choose the one that is appropriate for your case. Enroll in it by paying the necessary fees and signing the relevant contracts agreements.

Step V: World Cup 2018 Start Streaming

Make the various hardware and software connections. You will obviously require the assistance of a skilled technician to help you out in this. This is because you may not really have what may be necessary to do a good job. After the connections have been established, you may now go ahead and start streaming your popular contents.

  1. World Cup 2018 Free Streaming Sites

Free streaming sites differ fundamentally from their premium counterparts in that they do not charge at all for using their infrastructure to access the contents. As such, they are simpler to utilize and are also more convenient when compared to the premium sites. Besides, they are less bureaucratic. Simply follow the procedures outlined below to go about the issue:

Step I: Obtain the Relevant Piece of Equipment

Start by obtaining the relevant pieces of equipment. The main pieces to look up to are laptops, smartphones, smart television, 4G cell phones, and desktops. Once more, the choice of the equipment depends mainly on your budget (financial resource endowment), space availability, intended duration of use, and your preferred source of content.

Step II: Identify the Right Free Streaming Site

There are several streaming sites you might want to choose from. Examples of these include FMovies, 123 Vidz, SpaceMov, 1337X, Sony Crackle, YouTube, and Viewstar. Not all of them may stream the upcoming FIFA matches though. Be sure to see to it that your streaming channel of choice will actually stream the matches before proceeding to the next level or procedure.

Step III: Enroll in a Suitable Data Plan

These sites will not always avail the data which is needed to access the matches. For this reason, you will have to make separate arrangements to receive your data services. Look out for the best and most reliable data company in your area. Study their tariffs, packages, and other terms of references. Choose the one that uniquely satisfies your lifestyle and tastes. Make the necessary payments.

Step III: Establish the Connections

Now connect your equipment to the data source. Chances are that you will not necessarily possess the right skill for the job. This is why you inevitably have to find someone who has these requisite skills. Let him connect your devices and establish the right flow of communication between the source of the content and the device.

Step IV: Start Streaming

Test the connections. Thereafter, start streaming.

Well, it is our hope that you have found the explanations above insightful. Online streaming options are very reliable and cheaper. Moreover, the platform is also versatile. This simply means that it can allow you to derive several other benefits over and above merely watching your favorite site.

You may, for instance, hook up with friends via the social media platforms and even make money through several freelancing sites. You should, therefore, make every effort to leverage this platform. Go ahead and make the necessary preparations. All the best as you take this bold step!

You can find for more information on the Fédération Internationale de Football Association.

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